Hunters for the Hungry

One in five Texas families struggle to put enough food on the table. Hunters for the Hungry aims to put an end to their hunt for food.

Hunters for the Hungry was initiated in 1990 through a collaborative effort among hunger relief agencies, hunters, and state government agencies. In time for the 1991-1992 hunting season, Hunters for the Hungry became a reality with more than 90 meat processors offering their services to the program. Hunters called TACAA's hunger relief hotline to find the nearest participating meat processor or to learn more about the program. TACAA assumed full responsibility of the program in 1998. Hunters for the Hungry is now operated through Feeding Texas.

To date, Hunters for the Hungry has donated and distributed over 10 million servings of venison to Texans in need. With wild game donations steadily increasing each year, Hunters for the Hungry continues to boost its capacity to supplement the diets of people in need with a nutritious source of protein.

Hunters for the Hungry's mission is three-fold:

  • To alleviate hunger and malnutrition in Texas.

  • To provide a meaningful outlet for hunters wishing to help their communities.

  • To promote stewardship of the environment through sensible wildlife management plans.

Bring your legally tagged, field-dressed whitetail or mule deer to a participating meat processor. There is no cost to you! We have two participating meat processors in our area: Buesing Deer Processing in Westhoff (361-275-4176) and Harwell's Custom Processing in Victoria (361-575-5106).

Due to state and federal health regulations, Hunters for the Hungry is not able to accept donations of feral hog.

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"About 25 years ago, when my kids were picky eaters, I told them I would fix Grub, the kind of food cowboys ate on wagon trains. Well, it worked. In fact, it's still working today. Even though they are all grown up, Grub is still fixed at their homes. I still fix it too, on hunting and fishing trips, and camp outs."


Dodd Bowling
FT. Worth, Texas