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When and where is the Victoria Farmers’ Market?

Our market is held from 9:00am to 1:00pm every Wednesday and Saturday, rain or shine, in the parking lot of the Pattie Dodson Public Health Center on North Navarro.


What does it cost to have a booth at the farmers’ market?

Our annual membership fee, which covers both the Victoria Farmers' Market and Cuero Downtown Farmers' Market Days, is $35. Memberships run from January-December. The booth fee for the Victoria Farmers' Market is $20 on Saturdays and $10 on Wednesdays.


Cuero Downtown Farmers' Market Days are held on the 4th Saturday from March through October. This market is managed by Sandra Osman of the Cuero Main Street Program (361-485-8008) and operates under their own guidelines separate from the Victoria Farmers' Market. Check their website for rules, vendor fees, event dates, and more.


What can I sell at the Victoria Farmers' Market?

Farmers and other vendors are invited to sell anything you grow, raise, or make! Fruits and vegetables, eggs, meats, honey, homemade foods, plants. We do not allow resale of any kind at the market. You can find a current list of vendors and products on our Member List page.


What permits are required?

If you want to sell ONLY whole, uncut produce, nothing is required.


ALL OTHER FOODS (baked goods, pickles, jelly, salsa, and anything else allowed by the Texas Cottage Food Law) require a Texas Food Handler Card, and certain foods require additional permits:

  • EGGS require a permit from the Victoria City-County Health Department located at 2805 North Navarro inside the Pattie Dodson Public Health Center. All vendors who sell eggs must abide by the requirements outlined in this document.

  • MEATS must be processed at an approved facility and require a permit from the Victoria City-County Health Department. As of September 1, 2019, poultry and rabbits can be processed on your farm and sold at our market as long as you abide by these guidelines set forth by the state legislature.

  • Any food that requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage (tamales, cheesecakes, sausage rolls, meringues, custards, beverages, etc.) is not allowed under the Texas Cottage Food Law. These foods require a permit from the Victoria City-County Health Department and must be made in a commercial kitchen.

  • PLANTS require a Nursery and Floral License from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Vendors operating a COTTAGE FOOD BUSINESS are NOT required to have a permit.

Why aren’t there many crafts at the farmers’ market?

We are a true farmers’ market, focusing primarily on food, and the majority of our customers are people buying their weekly groceries. We strictly limit the number of artisans and crafters at the market in order to keep our emphasis on locally homegrown and homemade foods. MLMs and direct sales are prohibited.

Do vendors have to attend every week?

No, but our most successful vendors attend every week or every other week. Vendors who do not attend regularly do not grow their business as quickly. To encourage more vendors to attend weekly, we do have an incentive – if a vendor pays for 4 consecutive weeks upfront ($20 booth fee x 4 weeks = $80), the 5th week is free.  


Do vendors have “regular” spots?

Our weekly vendors do have regular spots of their choosing. Vendors who attend the market less often do not have regular spots, though we do try to accommodate requests whenever possible.


How are fees collected?

Booth fees are collected on the day of the market. Cash, checks, and credit cards are all accepted.


How is the farmers’ market associated with the Food Bank?

Prior to 2016, the market was run by the farmers themselves under the guidance of the County Ag Extension agent. At the request of the farmers, the market was made an official program of the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent and as such is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. One benefit to this partnership is that farmers have the option of donating unsold produce to the Food Bank at the end of each market. 

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