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Why Donate Now?

We need your help!

Retrofitting our new facility will cost an estimated $5.2 million.


Your donation will allow us to move our operations from our current 19,000 square foot facility into a 38,000 square foot building on 7.2 acres, with plenty of room to accommodate future growth.

Key ​benefits of our new location:

  • Doubling our warehouse capacity

  • Tripling our refrigeration enabling us to provide more nutritious, perishable foods

  • Plentiful parking for clients and volunteers

  • Acreage for future teaching and gardening areas

"As an organization, we are committed to being a solution for the systemic change required for society’s greater good, and this project will enable us to do this with more boldness, effectiveness, efficiency, passion and drive.  I hope you’ll join us in helping to create a BOLD future!"

Robin Cadle, MBA


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