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The Herb Cottage

Live herbs, succulents, other garden plants 


442 County Road 233

Hallettsville, TX 77964


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Cindy Meredith is the owner of The Herb Cottage, a rural nursery in Lavaca County, Texas. In business since 1998, Cindy has a wide range of knowledge about gardening with herbs as well as using herbs in the kitchen and landscape. The dynamic web site,, for herb and plant lovers is a handy source for growing information for Texans and other folks who live in hot, humid climates like ours.  

The monthly newsletter from is full of information about herbs, herb growing and using herbs in everyday living. 

Cindy loves to talk herbs, gardening and especially- gardening with herbs.


First, let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I’m Cindy Meredith. My childhood was spent in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area. My middle years were spent in Michigan and Wisconsin. Finally I made my way to Texas and felt so at home here, I decided to stay. I'm married now to Mike, whom I lived with for 20 years before we got hitched by the local Justice of the Peace in 2006. Talk about a long engagement! 

We've lived on this lovely farm in South Central Texas since 1988. For almost 10 of those years, Mike and I operated a clothing business. We sewed (and sewed and sewed and...) clothing, most of which we sold at various Renaissance Festivals around the country.

Traveling was fun and challenging, but it became more difficult each year to leave our farm to go on the road. Every season, I planted more things around the farmhouse and was reluctant to leave my gardens each Spring. So, we decided to retire from the sewing business.... my back and hands thanked me...... and stay closer to home. Mike took a job with Lavaca county, and I decided to let my interest and time in herbs and gardening flow into a business.

Mike is now retired and keeps our old farm house in good shape. He helps out with watering when I'm gone and other chores around our farm, of course. 

When I decided to open The Herb Cottage, I started reading all I could find about the nursery business, raising herbs and more and more about cooking and using herbs around the household. I joined herb groups to learn more, talked to whomever would talk with me about the herb business and read books, magazines and on-line articles about herbs and vegetable growing in Texas. The Herb Cottage has been a wonderful journey into the world of horticulture with herbs and vegetables as my focus. Gardening in Texas is always a challenge and my goal is to help others be the best gardeners they can be.

The Herb Cottage is busier than ever with the current interest in healthy eating. I keep a good stock of herbs on hand as well as heirloom and open pollinated vegetable seedlings in season. I write more now, including a monthly feature from The Herb Cottage blog. I love teaching and writing about herbs and how to grow and use them. My days are spent in my little nursery keeping the plants looking good for weekend sales at Markets and the customers who finds their way to our farm. Several times during the week you’ll find me at the Fitness Center at the Lavaca Medical Center swimming, doing Pilates and teaching and engaging in Yoga. 

The Herb Cottage is open at the farm when I’m here. I love to have visitors, so call ahead to make sure I’ll be here when you want to visit. 

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