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We are located near Cuero, Texas. The farm is family owned and operated. Our goal is to produce food which is healthy to eat and to do it in a sustainable way. Learning and applying sustainable management has been continuous. We began subdividing our pastures in the 1990’s to rotate our herd. But in the early 2000s, with the encouragement of family members, we increased our knowledge of some holistic management practices and began implementing more of them and started to realize the benefits. We also began introducing multiple species to enhance and benefit the soil and therefore our cattle and other livestock. We produce grass-fed beef, pasture pork, pasture poultry, rabbits, and we are exploring sheep. We also enjoy vegetables from our garden that is pollinated by our bees. We are learning that if you take care of the soil it will take care of us, but it is an ongoing education of how nature works.  

Henneke Farms

Pasture-raised beef and pork, eggs, produce, cornmeal, corn flour, flaxseed meal, grits, jellies, herbs, produce, crafts


765 Henneke Road

Cuero, TX 77954


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