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Back Yard Flowers

Live herbs, succulents, houseplants, baked goods, produce


Victoria, TX

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In 2008 I was asked if I would like to join the Farmers' Market by my brother, who was a member. He grew vegetables and they were looking for someone to sell plants. So I joined the market and started selling a variety of plants that I grow in my backyard from seed and cuttings. I didn't start out growing herbs, but it seemed to be what people were looking for so I added them to the plants I grow. I have been gardening and growing in Victoria County for 50 years, so I have a good idea what grows well here. Those are the plants that I sell to my customers. Some of which I originally received from my grandmother as cutting. They have been well acclimated to this area. Currently I grow houseplants, succulent, vegetable plants, herbs, annual flowers, perennial flowers and flowering shrubs. I recently added baked goods, bread, cookies, cakes, to my table at the Downtown Farmers' Market!

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