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Aching Back Farm is a small farm located in the Schroeder area of Goliad County. It is owned and operated by Andy and Michele Janca. The farm produces a variety of vegetables from both fall and spring gardens, succulents and other house plants, plus a large selection of jellies, baked goods, as well as canned goods such as pickles. While we are not certified organic, we do not use synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The term ‘responsibly grown’ is a pretty fair description of our methods. Composting, mulching, mechanical weed control, and drip irrigation are all incorporated into our process, with the long term goal of improving the soil being the primary focus. We are not vehemently pro-organic or anti-chemical. We farm using methods that we feel comfortable with, and if we can produce great tasting food without chemical inputs, we believe it’s better for us and for the environment. Aching Back Farm takes pride in bringing only the freshest, most appealing produce to the market. We strive to pick our produce at the peak time of flavor, with an emphasis on getting it washed and in cold storage as quickly as possible. This allows for extra days of storage for our customers, giving you the most value for your money. When possible, our jellies and preserves are made with fresh, locally grown berries, grapes, and figs. We are in the early stages of a producing fruit orchard, and hope to incorporate the harvest of peaches, apples, and plums into our offerings. At most markets, we will have some of Michele’s wonderful baked goods available, including kolaches, sweet breads, and cinnamon rolls. Selection at each market may vary depending on what she has time to make, or if she’s found a new recipe. Whatever is at the market, you can be sure it’s going to be good! We are expanding our market offerings to include plants. We have a greenhouse full of various house plants and succulents looking for a new home, and we’ll be bringing them to market soon. One of the best parts of farming is going to market and being able to share our bounty with you, our customers. Meeting people who share our passion for fresh food and enjoy discussing the myriad ways to cook it is a great way to spend a Saturday morning. We really enjoy meeting new customers and seeing our previous customers returning week after week. We sincerely appreciate your patronage, and hope to see y’all soon! God Bless!  

Aching Back Farm

Produce, baked goods, jellies and jams


2765 Baecker Road

Goliad, TX 


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